• Coral


  • Pearls


  • Cameos



  • About us

    Campania land and art

    We live in Campania and so we discovered the ancient Naples Goldsmith tradition, famous for  its jewellery district, specially in Torre del Greco world-renowned for the manufacture of coral and cameo products. The artistic tradition, developed since the 17th century, nowadays is still handed down in the engraving and processing coral school.

  • Made in Italy craftmanship in a global world

    From our study, our trips and our experiences now we are able to mix:

    - Tradition and fashion

    - Craft and mass production

    - Made in Italy and globalization

What we do

  • Selection and supply of the finest materials
  • Consulting in the design stage (choices e critical issues)
  • Present in processing phase (timing e optimization of processes)
  • Support in post-sales activities (export management)

We create a customized product

ad hoc

Corals, Cameos, Pearls and Japan